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Patient's Bill of Rights Begins to Take Effect

Washington, DC – Rep. Linda Sánchez (D-CA) announces that starting September 23, a slate of key patient rights and protections begins to take effect for the American people.
“This new “Patient's Bill of Rights” is designed to put you and your doctor – not the health insurance companies -- back in charge of your health care.  After decades of insurance company abuses, this “Patient's Bill of Rights” will help restore peace of mind to Americans worried about their health care.

"Got his bell rung" Concussions in the NFL

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez and retired NFL player Nolan Harrison talk about the dangers of concussions and what the NFL is doing to protect players.

Concussions, Congress, and the future of the NFL

Congresswoman Linda Sánchez discusses concussions in the NFL on MSNBC