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Stand up for women-- Demand paycheck equality!

Women still make on average 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes. Now is the time to take action and end economic discrimination against women.

We need 10,000 signatures from progressives who are serious about paycheck equality. Stand up for women and add your name now!

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About the 38th District

Congresswoman Linda Sánchez has dedicated her life to improving the community where she grew up and making Southern California a better place to live and work for generations to come.

Linda proudly represents California’s 38th Congressional District which includes the communities of Artesia, Cerritos, East La Mirada, Lakewood, La Palma, Los Nietos, Norwalk, Montebello, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, South El Monte, and Whittier.


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Saturday January 30, 2016

I agree 110%. I'm proud to support Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United States. "Hillary Clinton is the right choice for the Democrats to present a vision for America that is radically different from the one that leading Republican candidates offer — a vision in which middle-class Americans have a real shot at prosperity, women's rights are enhanced, undocumented immigrants are given a chance at legitimacy, international alliances are nurtured and the country is kept safe."

Monday December 21, 2015

I had a great time cheering on Hillary Clinton at last night's debate in New Hampshire. Hillary laid out a clear vision for how she will grow our economy through investments in education, infrastructure, innovation and small business development. It was a clear contrast to the bigotry and divisive rhetoric we hear from the Republicans at their debates. Hillary Clinton is the most qualified and prepared candidate to tackle the domestic and foreign policy challenges our country faces on Day 1 of her presidency. #ImWithHer

Thursday October 29, 2015

I'm glad to see the Latino community united against the hateful rhetoric towards our community by some Republicans -- especially Donald Trump.

Wednesday October 14, 2015

Last night - Democrats had our first debate. It was civil and respectful of every American. It was a stark contrast to the rhetoric coming out of the Republican debates.

Friday September 25, 2015

I could not agree more with Pope Francis.